Tips to care for your plants


Caring for your plants

Plants are great additions as they bring life and colour to your surroundings. Below are some tips to take note after you bring your plants home to keep them healthy and blooming. Enjoy this process and a start to a wonderful relationship as you nurture your plants in their new homes.


 (1) Water

Generally plants with a lot leaf surface needs more water than those with less foliage or waxy leaves. Due to Singapore’s weather we would recommend that most plants be watered everyday. A simple check to see if you plants have enough water is to feel the soil. If it’s damp, don’t water. If it’s dry, your plants need to slurp up some water immediately!


 (2) Sunlight

Plants thrive in sunlight so make sure your plants receive sufficient sunlight. But how much light is enough and how much is too much? First, determine where your window faces:
North: Low light facing. Plants can be on the window ledge
South: Provides the most light. You can place your plants further in your room and they will still do just fine
East: Usually provides indirect sunlight or partially shaded. You can place your plants a little into your room but not too much
West: Same conditions as east facing but may be sunnier at mid day
Next you need to consider the surroundings, are you blocked by buildings or fixtures which you affect the amount of sunlight your plants receive? Move them around accordingly to ensure they receive good amount of natural sunlight.


 (3) Soil and nutrients

If your plants are well watered and receiving sufficient sunlight, they may not need to have nutrients added. However there are signs you can look out for which will tell you they need some nutrients:
~ weak growth
~ pale or dropping leaves
~ weak stems
~ small or no new flowers
Fertilizers come in a few forms: water soluble, slow release granules, fertilizer spikes. So when needed, you can consider these or contact us we will provide you with advice on the most appropriate fertilizers to save your plants