Herbs I love

I love the smell of herbs in my kitchen. It’s a joy to see and smell them when I’m cooking, washing the dishes or even when I just step into the kitchen. But herbs are not the easiest houseplant to grow in Singapore. In this post I try to give a few key pointers on how to grow a few popular herb plant at home.


Sweet basil


I love sweet basil and imagine plucking a few from your kitchen as you a whipping up Thai dishes for your family and friends! I just think it feels so organic and wholesome, to have something from your green pots into your cooking pot!

Ok so what do we look out for when growing sweet basil at home?

Most important note: sweet basil needs lots of sunlight. You have to make sure if gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight in a day for it to survive well. Shouldn’t be tough in Singapore but make sure you have a bright spot in your house for it. I place mine on a sunny window sill in the yard and so far so good.




I love peppermint tea so this is a must have for me. It needs lots of sunlight as well but more importantly remember to water it diligently everyday. Fertilise once every fortnight will help it grow even better








My husband loves meat so that’s why this is another popular herb at home. Again this is a herb which thrives in good sunlight so put it in a sunny spot. But take note that rosemary does not need as much water as mint or sweet basil. If you forget to water it for 1 or 2 days, there’s a high chance that they will still do fine. Remember to let the soil drain well.



So what happens next when you have so much herbs growing in pots at home? You cook a storm! Check out my favourite local food blogger with tons of delicious yet easy to follow recipes to try. Some dishes you can try are:

Thai Basil Beef Recipe

Easy roast chicken

And to quench your thirst with a classic mojito recipe! Hear it from no one else but Jamie Oliver. Let’s get busy!