Plants in the City was created with a simple vision: to bring the outdoors in for everyone in our city.
I'm an urbanite. I work indoors, hardly have the time to go outdoors and the only times I find myself out in the nature is during playtime with my kid. However I love plants and flowers for the life and vibrant touch they can add to our surroundings. But in my mind they've always stayed in the outdoors: in the garden, the balconies, along the corridors, such that we only get to admire their beauty when we are in and out of our homes. So I set myself on a mission to find plants and blooms which can grow well indoors. I started to learn about growing different kinds of plants and blooms and even made my own terrariums. I researched on self watering pots to save the hassle of watering plants every day or risk having my plants die of thirst. This journey has been fun and I found many urbanites like me who love plants and flowers but just didn't know how to incorporate them into our lives.
So here at Plants in the City we aim to provide a curated collection of plants and blooms which I love and hope you will as well. In time we will also have collections of planting accessories to help you get started. 
We believe that plants make people happy. Our mission is to share the joy of growing plants with everyone as well as help people appreciate how plants can integrate beautifully into our lives. Through our products and services, we hope to bring plants closer to people so that everyone can experience this happiness.